Kelly Counseling and Associates, LLC

1801 North Wood Avenue, Florence, AL 35630

What Sets Us Apart?

What makes Kelly Counseling and Associates unique?

  • Our environment: Our offices are relaxing, safe, and free of judgment. Now offering two office locations. 1801 N Wood Avenue as well as 118 E Mobile Street, Suite 317, Florence, AL 35630.
  • Our counseling approach: We focus on increasing wellness while reducing emotional pain. We encourage you to become your healthiest self.
  • Our knowledge: We are committed to ongoing professional development in order to remain up to date on therapeutic techniques and evidence-based practices to best assist you.

I love the energy here.

It is so comfortable and peaceful.

I feel safe and respected.

The counselors and the place has a great vibe.

Everyone is so friendly.

If I knew counseling was so helpful, I would have started years ago.

Thank you for helping me grow into my best self.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Comments shared by current and previous clients.